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I created an exaggerated corporate office reminiscent of the 1990s and early 2000s. Gray cubicles, off-white walls, constant printer and fax sounds, fluorescent lights, and endless paperwork. To further drive the point home that the aforementioned attributes are draining on the employee's spirit, I desaturated all of the elements in the scene.

I was heavily inspired by many of the offices my dad had taken me to during Take Your Child to Work Day when I was a kid, and my own experiences working in the corporate world.

It was also important that the office felt realistic and lived-in. Small details were incredibly important to bringing this video to life. 



The music and a good portion of the sound effects were provided by Artlist, which is an incredible service for creators. However, many of the sound effects needed weren't available, felt too generic, or weren't syncing to the motion on screen.
I decided to create many of the sounds using my broadcast microphone. All of the cardboard box sounds, paper sounds, sighs, chair movements, mouse movements and clicks, along with some other sounds I cannot remember, were recorded custom.​



This video contained 2 shots where paper shoots out, and to do this, I used a cloth simulation. 

For the printer scene, I created a chute, hidden during the render, which started at the printer tray and ended far behind the wall. I added a bunch of paper to the back of the chute, then added a massive gust of wind and turbulence to get the effect of paper bursting. I also added a small object to block the paper for a few frames, right before the exit of the chute, causing it to bunch up, then burst more dramatically when the object was removed.

The box scene was done fairly similarly, with a massive gust of wind causing the burst of paper. To make this effect work, multiple renders, were composited together. 


ServiceNow needed an impactful video to open a course designed for executives at other companies. I wanted to create a video that felt less like a training offered by a corporate company and more like a short film instead. 

This video was a blast to make.



I decided to expand upon my bee rig for this project to include different eye expressions. To do this, I used shape keys in blender to create default, happy, angry, surprised, and confused expressions. The different shape keys were also combined to create further emotional range. 

It was also important to emphasize the human (or bee) impact that wasted efforts and lack of efficiency can cause employees. After all, automation allows to focus on things we value more. 


Randomized Paper
To scatter the paper on all of the cubicles, I first created a bunch of different paper textures, some hand written and others printed documents. I then created a material that randomly assigns the the paper texture at runtime. 

Paper Distribution
To distribute the paper around the office, I used geometry nodes, then created a 3D mesh consisting of the areas that I wanted the paper to be attached to. The cubicles, walls, pillars, and glass all had invisible geometry overlayed with the paper attached.


  • Blender

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe After Effects

  • Adobe Premiere

  • Adobe Audition

  • Substance Designer

  • Substance Painter

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