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Blog Throwback 3: A While Back...Again

Time-frame - 2015-ish

Note: I added time lapses showing the creation process of both of these models at the bottom.

ZBrush: Part Deux

I wanted to separate the next two models for a few reasons. One, they are substantially higher quality compared to my previous digitally sculpted creations. Two, they are from the Elder Scrolls series, which is really dear to my heart, and I do plan on creating more monsters from the Elder Scrolls universe soon. Also, I'd love to work for Bethesda some day ;)

Hunger YouTube title

Hunger: Creepy right? Again, this was my interpretation of a creature from Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

Hunger model comparison

The left is the model from the game, and the right is one I created based off of that same idea. However, please note, I am not implying that I am better at modeling than the game artists involved in Morrowind, or any other game. They are amazing and had to deal within the constraints of gaming technology at the time. The 2002 model was designed to run on PCs and the original XBOX, which could not handle running highly detailed models. This was just my version of that design. Bethesda games look amazing and their artists are amazing as well.

Back to the model...

Multiple views of the hunger monster

Fun fact, I purchased a copy of TES III: Morrowind a few years back on steam and got killed by this guy pretty quickly.

Another Hunger render

Let's put less light on this guy...


Clannfear time!

Clannfear YouTube title

Clannfear: This I right? This was a fun one as well. It's basically a dinosaur... I believe its a type of daedra, which is like a demon in the Elder Scrolls series.

Here it is in its natural habitat, Oblivion (Hell).

Comparison to the 2002 model.

Gave it some human musculature.

Close up of the face and crest.

I have one more out there somewhere, which I will try to find. It was the Kwama Forager. I am not too proud of how it came out, but I will add it if/when I find it.

Below is the time lapses of the creation of these models.

Time lapses

Hunger time lapse

Clannfear time lapse

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