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Blog Throwback 1: 2004-ish

Hey All,

I thought about transferring the blog posts from my previous website, KevinMurphy3D, but decided against it. It would have been a time-consuming process, and the information is outdated. However, I would like to add some of the old projects to this post, along with some commentary as to my thoughts on these now that I work as a Visual Designer.

The High School Days

Alchemists's table - High School Project. Created in Bryce

My introduction to 3D design and animation started in high school with Bryce and Animation Master. I only used Animation Master for a short time, and have no idea where my rendered images are.

I did use Bryce extensively, which started when I was introduced to it during a computer graphics class. Bryce focused on basic landscaping, but couldn't do much else. Models, like in the picture above, were created using boolean modeling, which was a tedious task. The picture above was something I had to create for that class, which was supposed to be an alchemist's table. Compared to the rest of the class, it was actually pretty detailed, though it looks silly by today's standards.

I wasn't able to get everything done that I needed to during class, so I bought the program separately and finished it at home. Oddly enough, the picture took over 24 hours to render...Yes, this silly little picture took that long. That is a tribute to how horrible that computer was! Fun fact, this project was still rendering on when it came time to turn it in, so I faked being sick, and turned it in the next day when it was ready.

Here's some others from high school...

3D render of Mars Rover from high school.

Above is a Mars rover? I think... It was another project assigned to us. Not sure why it needed guns. Lighting in the vehicle made render times skyrocket.

Aaaaand another iteration of the mars rover.

A render of another Mars Rover

Needless to say, I had a lot of room for improvement.

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