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Blog Throwback 2: A While Back

A robot...Just a simple robot.

Back again, with Part 2. Let's get this out of the way so we can get to the fun stuff, like my VR and motion graphics projects.

The robot above, named Bleepers, was a cute little robot I created a long time ago for a band, which is no longer around. The design was very, very basic, but it was a fun learning experience.


ZBrush model

Ah, ZBrush. I love ZBrush. Confusing as can be, but fun and very useful. As for that creature off to the right...I spared him of final creation... Let's look at a few others.

Chimera...Thing: This may have been my first full scale model. I liked the look of the face, but the rest looks awkward. Still a fun first full attempt at...something.

T-Rex: To quote John Hammond, "We have a T-Rex." Though I haven't clocked mine at 35 miles per hour.

Yeah, with those thighs, its not running that fast.

Jötunn: Note, if a model looks odd, use harsh lighting! So, sculpting humanoids is hard, but it was incredibly fun anyway. So jötnar (had to wikipedia the plural of that) are some sort of, or that's how I interpreted it. I plan to completely redo the mighty Jötunn some day, now that I know what I'm doing. Lets bring him into daylight...

Oof! Lots I would change here. For starters, I was incredibly lazy with lighting, which is crucial to the rendering process. Never underestimate the importance of lighting.

First time sculpting human hands...needs some work. However, after looking at this model, I could definitely reduce the geometry, bake the AO, normal, and diffuse maps, retopoligize it, and use it in a game.

Not sure if he was stuck in an invisible box, or if he was playing goalie.

One more model for now...

Alien!: Okay, so this guy started as a cute-ish little alien head with blue skin. Then I decided to redo it for this quick scene.

This is another project I plan on completely redoing.

Get ready for part 3! The last part of the throwback...

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