Spotlight on San Diego Digital Media
This video was directed and edited by a friend and coworker, who wanted to show the company what the San Diego section of the Digital Media team offers, while also acting as a great prototype for a series he would like to see come to fruition soon. 
Outside of being interviewed and providing BRoll from a few of my projects, I also provided some live-action BRoll and graphics for the Augmented Reality shots as well. However, Tone is the real mastermind of this project. The shots he was able to achieve really helped set the correct mood and also shows what an amazing cinematographer he has become. 
Shot with a Sony A7s, A7sii, and a DJI Ronin
SPARK Programming
I was excited to work on a project for SPARK Programming, a non-profit that teaches kids programming and robotics. Two of my friends and I filmed the final day's event, to showcase what SPARK Programming has to offer. 
SPARK Programming partners with companies like ServiceNow and Stave to get access to the resources they need, including the technology and facilities. 
This project was a joy to make, and I was happy to create 8-bit art and animation for the final video. 
Check out to learn more about the organization.
Made with: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe After Effects
Drone Videos