ServiceNow VR: Graphics Showcase
Just before the first commercial VR platforms became available, I was tasked with learning about this new technology and how it could be used for both business and entertainment purposes. The initial projects (not shown in the video) aided in my understanding of what works for this new experience, and what doesn't. I was overjoyed to help test and solidify VR best practices to ensure that users have the most enjoyable and comfortable experience.
All assets were made from scratch, with the exception of the plants on the lobby wall and one PBR material, using Maya and ZBrush for the modeling, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, and ZBrush for the textures/materials, and using the amazing Unreal Engine 4 game engine. 
All models in the main EBC environment were modeled after real world models, to provide users with the most accurate EBC experience possible. 
SPACE STATION (In Alpha Stage)
*Please note - The Space Station section is still in an early alpha stage and was canceled due to changes is company branding.