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ServiceNow VR (2017)


ServiceNow VR (2017) was a project that started in 2015, with the release of the first Oculus Rift headset. I created this VR experience while balancing other motion graphics, animation, and live action production work. 

Back in 2015, this technology was incredibly new and best practices were not well developed. This meant that the development process was more challenging and user experiences were not as optimized as they are today. 

For this project, I created a large section of the ServiceNow headquarters, so that customers and partners could tour the campus virtually to learn more about the ServiceNow platform and how employees at ServiceNow get the support they need to continue building out the platform. 

The main focus of the space was the Executive Briefing Center, built to match the real-world EBC using a mix of blueprints and thousands of reference photos. 

Due to the campaign at the time, Work at Lightspeed, I also created a section of the experience in space. Due to changes in branding and priorities, the space section was never finished but was available to tour. 


  • Maya

  • Illustrator

  • Photoshop

  • After Effects

  • Premiere

  • Audition

  • Unreal Engine 4

Production Info

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